In golf, you’re either getting better or getting worse.  Very, very few players just stay the same.  You have to continually review results to know which direction you are moving in.  Here are some ways you can do that.

  1. If you set goals at the beginning of the past year, review your performance against them. Did you improve in the areas that needed work?  Did the areas where you were strong stay that way?
  2. Review your statistics. Did you hit more fairways and greens? Did you have fewer putts?  Did you make more birdies?  Did you have fewer blow-up holes?
  3. Which way is your handicap trending, up or down? The World Handicap system can tell you.  It can even give you your trends for the year.
  4. What about your performance in the same tournaments you played in the previous year? Did you do better or worse?  You can even go back several years to do this comparison.
  5. Did you win more bets with your buddies than last year? You probably don’t keep formal records on this but you know because there’s money involved.
  6. Were you able to qualify to get in the tournaments you played in the previous year? How about special teams at your club or course?  Did you qualify for the same things this year that you did last year?
  7. If you made any equipment changes, did they help your performance? You need to be brutally honest with yourself about this subject.  It’s hard to accept that you may have invested in new equipment that not only didn’t help you but actually hurt you.  Tour players deal with this reality all the time.

Taking the time to review the year will help you avoid making the same mistakes again this year.