Will a gain in distance from the tee really equal lower scores?

It depends on how many yards.  10-20 yards?  Not much difference at all.  50 more yards?  A huge difference if you are really accurate.

Don’t forget that the farther you hit it the straighter you have to hit it.

Try this test the next time you play:

After every tee shot, pick up your ball and take 20 steps IN THE DIRECTION THE BALL WAS GOING.  That’s right, if it was headed right, move it 20 yards along that same line.  The same if it was going to the left.

You may find that 20 more yards with no improvement in your accuracy might actually make you play worse!

Many players don’t really know how far they hit their clubs.  MOST think they hit them farther than they actually do.  We’ve proven this time after time with our Trackman system.

Trying to stretch the distance of an approach club, say a 7 iron causes mis-hits, a loss of accuracy and a wide variation in distance from shot to shot with the same club.

That is why Tour players seldom if ever hit any club as hard as they can.  Most go at somewhere around 80% of full speed.  They wisely take enough club so they don’t have to swing too hard.

Commit one round of golf to selecting clubs that will let you swing at only 80% of full power and observe the results.  I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.

Hank Johnson, PGA