The makeup of your personal set of clubs needs to fit you and the course condition you encounter.  It’s not unusual for Tour Players to have extra clubs that go in and out of their set to accommodate the conditions under which they are playing from week to week.

You may not want to do that if you play under the same conditions all the time ie. always playing the same golf course.  It is just an indication of how simple it is now to fine tune your equipment.

Here are some thoughts regarding the make-up of your personal set and it starts with some “required” clubs.

First you need a driving club.  For most players, this is a driver but it can also be a shorter more lofted club.  That depends on your skill level.  The objective from the tee on par 4’s and 5’s is maximum distance IN the fairway.  Distance that is “out of play” is not helpful.

On the other end of your set, you need a putter that fits your technique, has a “pleasing look” to you and “feels good” in your hands.  Great putters often have a “love affair” with their putter and a “fear” of losing it.  Ben Crenshaw, who is known as one of the best putters of all times has used one of two identical putters for his entire career.  Poor putters sometimes don’t use the same putter for one whole day and they wonder why they are not consistent.

Next, in my view is a perfect bunker club.  One that fits your style of bunker play and the sand conditions you play from.  While you may play shots from the turf with this club, it’s primary function is to help you play shots from the sand.

Once you choose these three clubs, you are ready to fill in the rest of your set and that’s what we will talk about in the next segment.

– Hank Johsnon, PGA